Spring Cleaning for the Bar

Spring Cleaning for the BarSpring Cleaning for the Bar

Make sure to register for our upcoming BarTrack Live episode, Spring Cleaning for the Bar: Using Data to Pour Smarter & Maximize Your Draft Beverage Program, now available to stream here.

We all know the expression “spring cleaning” and today we’ll be using it in relation to planning for your bar, restaurant or brewery’s success. As the first quarter of 2024 comes to an end, it’s the perfect time to re-assess those new year resolutions for your business. We saw a large percentage of Restaurant and Bar management teams nationwide take steps back as 2023 came to a close. Going into 2024, teams are planning to implement new ways to increase the quality of guest experiences, keep teams productive, and limit wasted resources.

To maximize the impact of their resolutions, hospitality leaders are leveraging data to drive success at the bar - and you can too. During this webinar we will be diving into some of the best practices and techniques for using data to maximize your draft beverage program.

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