Consistency in Beer is a Moving Target - Maintenance, Servicing, Line Cleaning

Consistency in Beer is a Moving Target - Maintenance, Servicing, Line CleaningConsistency in Beer is a Moving Target - Maintenance, Servicing, Line Cleaning

In the BarTrack Live event, “Consistency in Beer is a Moving Target - Maintenance, Servicing, Line Cleaning" we heard tips and insights from industry experts on ways to achieve true consistency for draft dispense.

Hunter Markle, Co-Founder of BarTrack, moderated of a panel of industry experts in a Q&A. The expert panelists included:

Is your draft system squeaky clean? If not, you may need a “Rescue Clean” to reset your draft lines. Draft beverage dispensing systems require routine and proper line cleanings to ensure the beer is pouring just as the brewer intended. While this may seem straightforward, actually monitoring the schedule, duration, and effectiveness of these cleanings may prove tricky. During the BarTrack live webinar, “Consistency in Beer is a Moving Target - Maintenance, Servicing, Line Cleaning,” expert panelists discussed ways to spot draft system issues and solutions. 

draft beverage system_rescue clean
President of Crafty Beer Guys Draft Services, Kristian Pedersen, spoke directly to the importance and process of executing a “Rescue Clean.”

There are many possible negative outcomes from improper line cleaning and maintenance. Some of the more concerning hygiene-related issues include beer stones and bacteria. Additionally, improper or delayed line cleanings can amplify and prolong issues that could have been easily fixed. 

Real-time quality assurance tools like BarTrack help to pinpoint temperature, pressure, and line leaks. BarTrack’s detailed reporting can identify trends through categorized waste. With proper staff training, quality equipment, routinely monitored line cleanings, and reliable and trained in-house staff or an installer on-call, operators can maximize their draft program’s efficiency. By using diagnosis and preventive tools, operators can boost keg yield through maintenance, servicing, and line cleaning.

Streamline the line-cleaning monitoring process_draft technologies
Real-time data for the bar and draft system has never been more important.

“A system like BarTrack starts to connect the entire ecosystem. A magic box that sits in the account that allows you to track the line-cleaning process. The effectiveness of this tool is amazing and that makes me really excited to see what will become interconnecting businesses like Sean’s (Rockpit Brewing), KP’s (CBG Draft Services), and mine (Draftline Technologies),” says Jennifer Hauke, CEO of Draftline Technologies. 

“BarTrack’s hourly and daily reports, in particular, have been extremely useful for us in analyzing trends and key performance indicators, in the taproom. In those reports, we can identify waste attributed to the system, and then cross-reference this against the recorded line cleanings, to ensure proper temperature of cleaning liquid was used, not too much time had elapsed between cleanings, and that each line was cleaned for the right amount of time.  It’s a great solution for us and we would highly recommend the system to fellow businesses,” said Burke.  

monitor line cleaning in real-time_BarTrack

"BarTrack’s technology is far superior to any turbine technology on the market. It has no moving parts or obstructions, both of which disrupt the flow of beer. When you combine the ease of use for customers, plug-and-play installation, and real-time dashboards to remotely diagnose issues, this becomes an incredibly valuable and powerful system” says Pederson – Founder of Crafty Beer Guys. 

Stream on demand the third webinar event in the BarTrack Live series - Consistency in Beer is a Moving Target - Maintenance, Servicing, Line Cleaning.  to learn tips and tricks from leading industry experts on ways to achieve true draft dispense consistency. 

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