Consistency in Beer is a Moving Target - Breweries

Consistency in Beer is a Moving Target - BreweriesConsistency in Beer is a Moving Target - Breweries

In the BarTrack Live webinar event, Consistency in Beer is a Moving Target - Hit a Bullseye Every Time in the Taproom Andrew Coplon of Craft Beer Professionals moderated a Q&A panel of industry experts who shared tips and tricks. Special guests included Jon Humerick, COO of Solace Brewing, Iker Elorriaga, Co-Founder of Tripping Animals Brewing, and RJ Joos, General Manager of Golden Road Brewing Sacramento. These industry experts and owners from leading breweries shared their tips and tricks for achieving true consistency in the taproom, resulting in valuable outcomes like boosted profits, customer resale, and brand integrity. 

The BarTrack Live webinar explored topics such as how to optimize draft quality, boost profits, reduce waste, streamline inventory, get data-driven insights and more!

When it comes to beer quality in the taproom, proper foam, glassware, carbonation, taste, and aroma are all contributing factors to achieve success. Through quality monitoring via tools like the BarTrack App, team members are able to ensure they are pouring at optimal conditions. In turn, breweries boost a sense of trust and community in their patrons. This brand credibility translates into customer resale and ultimately, increased keg yield. A better pour is good for the wallet and the customer experience!

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Check out our full Pour Smarter™ interview with Jon Humerick, Co-Founder of Solace Brewing Co., Dulles, VA.

“Consistency builds trust with your customers, creates a positive reputation for the brand, and ultimately, enhances your revenue. Beer quality involves proper foam, glassware, carbonation, taste, and aroma. Implementing best practices and educating your staff involves ensuring they know the proper pour technique, serving sizes, inputting the sale, knowledgeability about the beverages, and accurately tracking inventory. Finally, assessing actual vs. theoretical metrics of success will show whether or not true consistency has been met.” says Jon Humerick.

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Check out our full Pour Smarter™ interview with Iker Elorriaga, Co-Founder of Tripping Animals Brewing, Miami FL.

As they say, you never get a second chance at making a great first impression. By maintaining consistency in the taproom, your business increases the percentage dramatically that your customers will have a repeatable positive experience,” says Co-founder of Tripping Animals Brewing, Iker Elorriaga.

The taprooms should aim for the goal that every beer poured and sold in the taproom reflects the quality the brewer intended, through taste, aroma, and presentation. These customer interactions and quality products serve as the cornerstone of the brewery’s brand integrity and high standards.

RJ Joos, General Manager of Golden Road Brewing in Sacramento California, also weighed in on the discussion. “Consistency in the taproom directly correlates to projecting how successful your taproom program will be. When management has a clear line of sight for repeatable good processes they can predict and accurately measure expectations for projected revenue. The taproom will have tighter margins by maximizing keg yield and pricing beers appropriately - and they can supplement their good confidence in pricing their beer based on the good quality of those beer pours, another nod to consistency! At the end of the day, better pours mean less wasted beer. Accurate inventory means less wasted time both at the front-of-house and accurate keg queue predictions for back-of-house brewing. It also directly ties to comparing inventory with sales. Consistency is the pillar for tight margins and boosting revenue and profit.”

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With BarTrack, Golden Road Brewing decreased their overpours in the taproom by 16.4%

“We maintain consistency across all of our locations, using BarTrack. We remotely monitor real-time quality like temperature, pressure, and keg levels for every beverage on draft.” says Jon Humerick of Solace Brewery. “We receive daily, weekly, and monthly reports to view our key performance indicators and pinpoint sources of waste that we can build an actionable plan around to fix and implement best practices. With BarTrack, we can rest assured knowing our customers enjoy a Solace brew at the quality we expect and maximize our keg yield and revenue.”

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A perfect pour in the Solace taproom, brought to you by BarTrack.
Learn more about how to achieve consistency in your taproom by streaming the webinar on demand.

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