Case Study: Industry Leading Craft Breweries Ensure Draft Beer Quality, Increase Profitability, & Streamline Taproom Operations with BarTrack

Case Study: Industry Leading Craft Breweries Ensure Draft Beer Quality, Increase Profitability, & Streamline Taproom Operations with BarTrackCase Study: Industry Leading Craft Breweries Ensure Draft Beer Quality, Increase Profitability, & Streamline Taproom Operations with BarTrack

At BarTrack, we offer breweries non-intrusive draft line monitoring, optimizing beverage quality, and increasing visibility. Improving efficiency during economic uncertainty is a top priority for craft breweries. Breweries of all sizes are working with nimble teams and stretching dollars and workforce hours as far as possible to ensure the best drinking experience while maintaining profitability. 

One of the most significant obstacles breweries face when implementing processes to maximize efficiencies is inventory management. Historically inventory management has been a time-consuming, manual process, especially for growing breweries with multiple locations and for breweries that frequently rotate beer brands.

“I wanted more control over our draft lines. I was spending more than six hours every week manually weighing kegs and managing inventory using spreadsheets,” says Iker Elorriaga, Co-owner and Sales Director of Tripping Animals, a family-owned, independent brewery located in Doral, FL., about 20 miles west of Miami. 

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Tripping Animals implemented BarTrack last summer.  

“Since implementing BarTrack, we’ve reduced the hours we spend on inventory management to just a few minutes per day. Now, because we don’t have to weigh kegs or deal with spreadsheets, our time is spent on inputting new beer brands into the system and communicating with our team.” says Elorriaga. “BarTrack’s data tells us how we can improve our processes, and helps us be transparent with our team so we can work together to reduce waste and improve beer quality.”

Along with the time-consuming nature of traditional draft monitoring, managing draft line efficiencies without compromising quality is a unique challenge for breweries looking to implement new processes. Traditionally breweries have only had one in-line draft monitoring option, the turbine flow meter. These turbines have in-line obstructions, which are notorious for disturbing the flow of beer, causing excess foam, and altering the drinking experience.

Our proprietary technology measures a dozen beverage-specific variables and produces detailed reports on keg levels, inventory, line temperature, pressure, cooler health, line cleanliness, and more. By providing real-time, actionable data on a pour-by-pour basis, breweries are equipped with the information they need to identify and eliminate all forms of waste, from tracking unrung beverages to pinpointing the causes of foamy beer.

“BarTrack is the only system that monitors metrics like temperature, pressure, and line cleanliness in real-time, which allows us to know immediately if our beverages aren’t being served at the highest quality,” says Andrew Kelley, Co-Founder of Aslin Beer Company.  “BarTrack has essentially become a guardian for our brand by creating the perfect drinking experience for our customers. If customers have a good experience at the taproom, they are more likely to buy our beer at the bar and the grocery store.” Aslin owns and manages five taprooms with plans to expand to additional states this year.

By using the BarTrack platform, breweries reduce waste by pinpointing the ‘who, where, when, why, and how' it is happening. Our platform can provide this data at the precise pour point, time, and volume. The easy-to-use dashboards and our experienced hospitality consultants empower management to make informed decisions.

Aslin Beer Company’s Kai Leszkowicz
“At Aslin, we continuously try to improve our internal and external processes. We are quickly growing our location footprint, and finding tools to help us scale our tasting room operations is important. We use BarTrack’s data and identify where waste is happening. But it’s really about how we communicate that data to staff that makes the difference. We give them the opportunity to have insight into their performance and reward them for improving efficiencies,” says Kelley.

For craft breweries wanting to ensure the quality of beer in their taprooms and maximize the value of their beer production, our inventory management tools can help optimize and streamline processes by ensuring draft quality, increasing the volume of beers sold per keg, and streamlining efficiencies organization-wide.

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