BarTrack Live - Tapped for Taste - KRSH Seltzer on Draft

BarTrack Live - Tapped for Taste - KRSH Seltzer on DraftBarTrack Live - Tapped for Taste - KRSH Seltzer on Draft

It's time to re-imagine draft beverages! For the first time ever, bars and breweries can pour cocktails with a seltzer or malt base, which is a less expensive option than traditional spirits. 

In this online event, “BarTrack Live - Tapped for Taste - KRSH Seltzer on Draft” business leaders share with us how they use the product to meet audience needs and boost profits for the beverage program. Guest star speakers included: 

  • Blane Kleinrichet, Director of Business Development at AC Beverage
  • Sam Madden, General Manager of Eavesdrop Brewery
  • Lashelle Davis, Director of Operations at Solace Brewery

During this event, we learned from AC Beverage, Eavesdrop Brewery, and Solace Brewery, as they shared with us how the KRSH Seltzer system works and how businesses incorporate it into their draft program.

Stainless Steel Built-In Kegerator_Beer Tower/Dispensers

KRSH Seltzer functions as a ready-made cocktail that tastes and feels like the craft cocktails customers want, without the wait!

Learn how KRSH Seltzer is a great solution to inefficient cocktail batching, inconsistent quality and flavor, and difficult inventory pour cost calculations.

Problem vs. solution for bars and breweries
Watch the full webinar here to learn how this high-quality solution boosts profitability, ensures consistency, increases efficiency, and offers a diverse production selection.

Unleash the future
of hospitality 

Learn how our pioneering technology will elevate your establishment to successful new heights.

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