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Pour Smarter™ with BarTrack and Toast.

The BarTrack and Toast Integration allows business owners to sync data for enhanced reporting, boost bar and taproom efficiency, and increase revenue.

By integrating Toast point-of-sale data with BarTrack’s revolutionary draft quality management system, hospitality teams can identify and minimize draft beverage waste to increase profitability and streamline processes.

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Improve beverage quality
Ensure you are providing the best drinking experience to your customers by monitoring variables such as temperature, pressure, line cleanliness, and draft system health.
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Maximize taproom revenue
Through POS integration, we identify and prevent every source of waste with time-stamped pour-by-pour analysis. From foam to unrung pours, now you can proactively prevent waste and increase your draft profits.
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Real-time inventory
View your real-time keg levels anywhere with the BarTrack App. Optimize re-ordering by tracking the rate of consumption, so you'll never shake or weigh a keg again.
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Save time with synced data
Harness actionable data with automated reports fueled by key performance indicators, empowering strategic planning for enhanced beverage cost and operational efficiencies.
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“BarTrack and Toast integrate seamlessly to deliver reports that pinpoint and differentiate causes of draft beverage waste, like unrung drinks and foaming issues. BarTrack’s system accurately measures pours and automatically cross-references Toast POS data to determine when, where, and why discrepancies in the numbers occur, empowering teams and management to execute best practices and build strategic plans based on key performance indicators.”
Dan Tufts
Vice President of Buffalo Wing Factory

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