TradeMasters: Unleashing Networking Power at NRA & Hospitality Trade Shows

TradeMasters: Unleashing Networking Power at NRA & Hospitality Trade ShowsTradeMasters: Unleashing Networking Power at NRA & Hospitality Trade Shows

Make sure to tune into our exciting upcoming BarTrack Live episode available to stream on demand May 17th at 2 PM “TradeMasters: Unleashing Networking Power at NRA & Hospitality Trade Shows " with Guest star, Darrel Branch. 

Join us for an exclusive webinar experience, where we'll unlock the secrets to mastering networking at NRA and Hospitality trade shows with our top 3 expert tips. Whether you're a seasoned attendee or an exhibitor looking to make meaningful connections, this webinar is your roadmap to success in the bustling world of industry events. Learn how to prepare effectively, engage authentically, and follow up strategically to maximize your networking potential. With actionable insights and comprehensive checklists tailored for both attendees and exhibitors, this webinar promises to elevate your trade show experience to new heights. Register now and embark on your journey towards networking mastery!

Darrel is a seasoned marketing strategist and business leader with a track record of driving growth and innovation across diverse industries. As the Principal of The Branch Out Group, he has been instrumental in helping companies expand their market reach and enhance profitability through strategic marketing initiatives. Additionally, Darrel serves as the Chairman of the Board for The Players Roundtable, facilitating exclusive investment and networking opportunities for high-net-worth individuals in business, sports, and entertainment sectors. With over three decades of experience at The Coca-Cola Company and previous roles at Revlon and Procter & Gamble, Darrel brings a wealth of knowledge in global marketing, sales, and business development to every endeavor he undertakes. Through his adept networking skills and strategic approach, Darrel consistently maximizes his presence at trade shows and events, forging valuable connections that drive growth and opportunity for himself and his business endeavors.

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